Sandstone Retaining Walls and Stairs – Warner

Sandstone retaining walls and stairs were constructed in this project in Warner, near Eaton’s Hill and Cashmere.

B Grade Premium sandstone blocks were used in the retaining walls and Diamond Cut sandstone slabs were used in the stairs.

A number of low retaining walls are being built to tier the property so as to establish multiple platforms for future landscaping.

The highest section to be retained is over 2.5 metres so the main retaining structure is being constructed in three tiers – each one being a maximum of 1 metre in height and being set-back a minimum of 1.5 metres.

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B Grade Premium Retaining Walls
B Grade Premium Retaining Walls

Three distinct sections

This project is comprised of three distinct sections as follows:

Placing sandstone blocks

In this video, a B Grade Premium sandstone block is taken through the following steps in placing it in place in a retaining wall:

  • each block is selected from the stock;
  • the tyne of the excavator is used to scape the faces of the block;
  • the block is rotated to located the cleanest face to be exposed in the retaining wall;
  • the block is carried to it’s final location;
  • the block is the placed in position which has been clearly measured and marked;
  • the block is tapped and pushed to adjust for correct line and level.
Panorama before steps 1280Panorama after steps 1280
panorama back area 1900 kjblqp

Entertaining area platform and steps

panorama south east corner

Rear retaining wall and steps

panorama north west corner