Highvale Diamond Sawn Sandstone Steps

Highvale Sandstone steps - Cornerstone Boulder Walls

These beautiful diamond sawn sandstone steps were constructed on a property in semi-rural Highvale, near Samford on the northside of Brisbane.

Helidon sandstone steps add value to your property because they are attractive, durable, natural and good value. They don’t rust, rot or need painting …and they complement your landscaping design.

Sandstone is available in a number of different grades. These are determined by the quarrying method and the cutting processes that are later applied.

Diamond Cut A Grade Sandstone gives the sharpest look and accentuates the sandstone grain within the rock. Wheel Sawn B Grade sandstone has a more natural, rustic look.

On this property, the sandstone steps complement the random sandstone boulder retaining walls used to establish the building platform.