A Grade Sandstone Boulder Wall – Carindale

This corner property in Carindale, Brisbane has recently been upgraded with a sandstone boulder wall on two sides of the property, along with a set of sandstone steps leading to the front door.

The sandstone blocks chosen for this project are classed as A Grade – at least 5 sides of each block are sawn to give a very uniform looking block. The result is a beautiful, natural sandstone look with an appealing symmetry.

The sandstone steps are diamond-sawn, giving a very clean and sharp look – perfectly complimenting the clean, symmetrical look of the walls.

The BEFORE / AFTER slider and the galleries below show what a massive improvement this sandstone wall and steps have made to the visual appearance and value of this property.

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carindale beforecarindale after

Before / After – move the slider to compare

“BEFORE” Gallery

These images are taken from Google Earth street view, but they clearly show the previous granite boulder walls that existed on this property.

“AFTER” Gallery

After the removal of the previous boulder wall and the building of the A Grade sandstone retaining walls and diamond-sawn sandstone steps …what a difference.