Sandstone Boulder Walls

Sandstone Boulder Walls

Cornerstone Boulder Walls has been building boulder retaining walls in the Brisbane area for more than 30 years. Owner Glen Cadoo has specialised in general earthmoving and constructing rock retaining walls for most of his working life.

He uses Helidon sandstone, natural granite boulders and concrete blocks to build high quality rock walls. Glen is fully licensed and all walls are engineer certified.

Cornerstone Boulder Walls has completed many projects …both large and small. Larger projects include retaining all building allotments in a complete property subdivision. Many commercial and domestic builders must establish a secure building pad with retaining walls. Rock retaining walls provide a very effective solution and the company is often commissioned for this work.

Homeowners and landscaping contractors also engage Cornerstone to place sandstone blocks as small retaining walls, garden edging and sandstone steps. Placement of natural granite rocks and boulders in various landscaping projects has also become very popular.

A recent project completed in Cashmere. A failed block retaining wall was replaced with a random sandstone slab wall.


B grade premium sandstone block wall with rough cut sandstone slab steps

Sandstone Block Walls

Sandstone block walls are the first choice for many landscape designers. They are: structural, beautiful, and cost-effective. 


Natural Granite Boulders

Natural granite boulders can be structurally placed into a retaining wall or used to landscape a bank or even a mini golf course. 


Sandstone Steps

Diamond cut sandstone steps  create the most welcoming entrance to your home. Expertly installed to match the sandstone block walls.

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