Natural sandstone steps or stairs

Natural sandstone steps

Natural sandstone steps add the finishing touches to any landscaping project which includes sandstone block retaining walls.

The two styles of blocks employed are diamond cut and rough cut or wheel sawn. Each has a very distinct look and feel.

Warner pool steps
Diamond cut sandstone steps are the feature of this landscape design
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Diamond cut sandstone steps leading to the front door of a residence

Diamond cut sandstone steps

Diamond cut sandstone steps are produced with blocks that have been sawn at the factory on all six faces.

The blocks produced in this manner have a very sharp, well-defined look and highlight the grain of the sandstone.

Landscape designers choose this style of block where the steps are to be a feature of the design, such as at the front entrance to a residence.

Wheel sawn sandstone steps

Wheel sawn, or rough cut, sandstone blocks are used to build stairs that blend in to the overall natural look of the surrounding block retaining walls.

The blocks sometimes even feature the distinct marks of the wheel sawing process.

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Wheel sawn sandstone block steps blend into the overall natural sandstone block look of the retaining walls.

Gallery of Sandstone Steps

Cornerstone Boulder Walls has installed natural sandstone stairs in many properties in Brisbane, Moreton Bay Region and Sunshine Coast over the past 30 years.

These have included both diamond cut sandstone steps and wheel sawn steps.

The following gallery is a small selection of some installations.