Replace Failed Log Retaining Wall

Sandstone boulder retaining walls have many advantages. One of the major advantages is that they are durable. They don’t rot or get infested by termites. This project involved replacing a log retaining wall which had failed.

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Replace Failed Retaining Wall – Cashmere

Random sandstone slabs were used in the construction of this 74m long retaining wall in Cashmere. This engineer-designed wall replaces a failed concrete block retaining wall.

The new boulder retaining wall reaches a maximum height of 3.9 metres. A drainage layer of crushed aggregate is included behind the boulders to relieve the hydrostatic pressure which can cause premature failure of retaining walls.

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The Hills Residences

The Hills Residences is a housing development in the Brisbane northside suburb of Everton Hills. It features a number of Class C sandstone boulder retaining walls.

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Highvale Diamond Sawn Sandstone Steps

These beautiful diamond sawn sandstone steps were constructed on a property in semi-rural Highvale, near Samford on the northside of Brisbane. Sandstone steps add value to your property because they are attractive, durable, natural and cost-effective. They don’t rust, rot or need painting and they complement your landscaping design.

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